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2 min readDec 4, 2023
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Employment and labour law can be intricate, demanding an understanding of rights and obligations for both employers and employees. In Malta, a country where legal frameworks intersect with EU employment laws, it becomes imperative for businesses and workers alike to comprehend the intricacies of employment legislation.

Navigating the complex terrain of employment and labour law in Malta requires a keen understanding of rights, obligations, and legal remedies. Employers and employees alike benefit from comprehensive legal assistance to ensure compliance with statutory conditions, promoting a harmonious and fair working relationship.

Wrongful terminations, discrimination and harassment claims, wage and hour disputes, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, employee contract disputes, whistleblowing, breach of contract… These are just a few examples of situations when either an employer or an employee may need a lawyer because of such disputes. In general, one should seek legal advice when facing any employment-related legal issues to protect their interests and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

An employment and labour lawyer in Malta can support both employers and employees through legal assistance with various scenarios.

For Employers

Employers bear the responsibility of understanding the legal landscape governing employment in Malta to avoid potential disputes that could prove both time-consuming and costly. Our legal firm offers a range of services to assist employers, including:

  • Drafting contracts of employment.
  • Formulating employment policies, human resource policies, and health and safety policies.
  • Negotiating employment terminations and resolving related disputes.
  • Facilitating work permits for foreigners.
  • Advising on dispute resolution, discrimination, wrongful discharge, defamation, settlements, and more.

For Employees

If you are an employee facing challenges such as employment discrimination, workplace harassment, unfair dismissals, underpayment claims or other issues, our legal team is ready to assist you. We have successfully represented employees in cases of unjust dismissals before the Industrial Tribunal and negotiated fair compensations through out-of-court settlements.

If you are in any type of situation where you require legal advice, our lawyers at Sciberras Advocates will be able to assist you with any employment issues. For more information contact us directly.

Article written by Ms Charlene Sciberras, B.A. (Hons), guest writer, is a marketing and business administration specialist with a special focus on corporate, accounting, and legal matters.

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